On being deemed a “clear and present danger” to our country. By the sitting president.

On September 1, Joe Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia, at Independence Hall.  The venue has historical significance which is obvious-the War of Independence was planned there, as well as the US Constitution when independence from Britain was secured.  From the picture below, you can see the “hellish red background” behind him, and his angry expression.

Biden anti-Maga

You can also see the Marines standing on both sides of him in the background.  This was not supposed to be a campaign political speech, but in the City Of Brotherly Love, the sitting president identified the so-called “MAGA Republican Party” as this country’s most existential danger.  He actually called the 74 million American citizens who voted for Donald Trump, a “clear and present danger” to the country.

The president ran on a platform including “uniting the country” and helping the recovery from the government harms of the Covid pandemic.  It’s pretty clear that neither of those goals has been achieved, and the pledge of unity has been contradicted.  Yesterday and today, members of the DemocRat-allied media are actually calling for mass arrests of Trump-allied Republicans as enemies of the State.  The speech has been called “Repulsive” by one well-known political pundit, and he’s not too far wrong.

RubinTweet-mass arrests

There are two posts over at Ricochet.com, one by an Editor on the Main Feed, and one on the Member Feed (I urge you to join Ricochet today, so you can participate in the lively Member Feed).  Here is a selection of the choice comments.  Join Ricochet to add yours!

But seriously? What was the point? Incitement? An attempt to provoke violence to give them an excuse to start rounding up and executing conservatives? (You know, like the FBI and the capitol police provoked the demonstrators outside the capitol on January 6th?)

Why did he do this? What was the purpose, except to further divide the country and incite his followers to kill a few Republicans. Maybe some SCOTUS judges. Maybe some Republican candidates. Maybe some sitting House Members, like they’ve been SWATting MTG this week. Maybe wind up another James Hodgkinson to take care of a few Congressmen.

I’m wondering which concerns me most – the speech, if you can call it that, or the backdrop.  Either one by itself  should send a chill up every thinking person’s spine.

None of this is Biden.  He doesn’t have enough cognition left to plan an afternoon tea for Dr. Jill and himself.  It’s the committee.  The committee is running the show.  It is they who made the calculated decision to light Independence Hall (shame on them for picking such a place for this debacle) red.  It is they who decided to place two Marines in the picture.  It is they who got the Marine Band there – against all regulations and ages of precedent, politicizing the military, and telling the world about it.  It is they who are dropping the curtain, and signaling – shouting – an ominous message that they are coming to get us.

Just who is on this committee?

But I guarantee you that even the ones that push back will devolve into the same old talking points and not engage on the substance of what he just did.  No one will say:

First of all, we don’t allow you or the rest of the left to define extremism.  Extremism to you is anything you don’t like.  We know the game.  You can’t talk about America, because deep down you hate this country and what it stands for.  You only like this country when you twist the laws to get what you want, but even that is always accompanied by a backhand insult.  That’s not love, despite the fact that the left likes to throw that word around a lot.

74 million people voted for Trump, Joe.  74 million.  Are you now saying that you are going to dis-enfranchise  half of the electorate?  Is that what you are saying?   When has an American President ever outright demonized half of the population?   Even Abraham Lincoln did not do that, and he literally was at war with half the electorate.  You are contemptible Joe and not fit to be President of this country.   We eagerly await the results of your the DNC’s next focus group, so you can test a new set of labels designed to divide the country.  We know it will be as ridiculous and contrived as this one.

The president and leader of the party who have weaponized the state against political opponents; declared that anyone who is not aligned with “where the majority of Americans are, then that is extreme;” unilaterally bypassed the elected legislature to loot the treasury for a half billion dollars on behalf of its partisans; and censored the media in order to suppress the opposition …. went on TV to give a speech on the dangers of “fascism.”

The Babylon Bee did an excellent adjustment of the photo at the top of this post.

BabylonBee-Biden as Hitler

As an official member of the “Enemies of the State”, I hereby declare:

I stand with President Donald J. Trump.  I declare myself a member of the MAGA Republicans.  I am one of the 74 Million.  I promise to do whatever I can to oppose the Fascist Joe Biden.  He will not discourage me and make me cower before the awesome authoritarian government.  USA Forever!  And, finally:

Fuck Fascist Joe Biden.  May he rot in Hell.

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