Project Veritas videos expose Pfizer manipulation of viruses to be more lethal, so they can create and sell a “vaccine”.

Do you remember the time, say about two years ago, when pharmaceutical companies were admired for discovering and selling new medicines to cure diseases and improve the lives of people everywhere?  Well, those days are gone.  Project Veritas undercover, did some filming of an employee of Pfizer, a doctor, who admitted that the company is altering viruses to make them more infectious and lethal, so they can make so-called “vaccines” to sell to the public.  These videos need to be spread far and wide.  Twitter is on fire with tweets and re-tweets of the original videos.

The story is HERE, and I urge my readers and followers to send your friends to the Project Veritas Web site to read and spread the originals.

And then, there’s this one, when the doctor physically assaults the Project Veritas employees and destroys their iPad.  You can’t make this stuff up!


If this doesn’t convince you that Pfizer is on the side of Satan, then nothing will.  If you are un-vaccinated for Covid, stay that way.  Every day we hear of new deaths of young people, after their first or second doses of the mRNA shots.  Don’t be one, or let your children take this evil dose.  It is dangerous!

One thought on “Project Veritas videos expose Pfizer manipulation of viruses to be more lethal, so they can create and sell a “vaccine”.

  1. accordion2ray

    I think there is an expectation that this employee will be fired and there will be some kind of denial coming from the company. But that would not address any of the issues at this point. The employee did not originate the policy, he just spoke about it. Well, per the video, he didn’t just speak. He laughed about it, and not in a crazy way. Regardless of what Pfizer does in response, our response ought to be to fire them. Until they prove themselves trustworthy. Which I don’t think they can do, at this point.

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