Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #239: Finding Peace

For me, finding peaceful places always seems to include water.  Maybe it’s because I grew up surrounded by bodies of water in the Seattle area.  Wherever we travel, we like to check out local lakes and rivers.  And when we are on a cruise ship, my favorite activity is sitting out on our stateroom balcony, watching and listening to the water go by.


Just last week in Indian Wells, California, from our sixth-floor balcony we had a good view of the peaceful private lake in the resort.

Water lily, Flowing Lake Park

These water lilies float on the surface of Flowing Lake, a short drive from our house.  The scene was made more peaceful by the slow, undulating waves made by boats on the lake, that made the plants slightly mesmerizing.


Our closest water is Silver Lake.  These seagulls perched on the pilings of a long-gone dock are enjoying the tranquility of the day.


I was quite lucky to get this peaceful shot taken from my own front yard, just after a big snowstorm had stopped most traffic.  Our street looks very peaceful in its blanket of white.  And I remember how the snow muffled the sound of passing cars on the busy street nearby.

sea-sky 7-29

And that’s the north Pacific Ocean from our cruise-ship balcony.  Peaceful.

Here’s the Link to Tina’s Original Post for this week.  And Patti’s too!.

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