“Royalty” in the White House?

You always knew that the Obama family, ensconced in the White House, had expensive tastes. They seem to have made extravagant use of their taxpayer-funded Boeing 747’s (Air Force One and Two) to convey themselves and their friends to New York, Spain, and elsewhere on a series of vacations and last-minute jaunts. But did you know exactly how much YOU are paying to house, staff, fly, and entertain Barack and Michelle and the kids? Please sit down. You have paid ONE POINT FOUR BILLION (yes, Billion with a “B”) DOLLARS the past year to cater to our president’s expensive tastes, extravagant vacations, rounds of golf, dinners in NYC, etc. And your fellow taxpayers have just signed up for another four years of this. Maybe the first family could consider trimming their OWN budget before asking all of US to cough up more of our hard-earned money. What do you think?

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