3 thoughts on “Welcome to Winter at Calling-all-Rushbabes

  1. nandapanjandrum

    Thanks, RB! I’m geared up and ready to roll through that white stuff in my half-track chair, don’tcha know… 😀

    1. nandapanjandrum

      The ‘tracker” chairs are current military issue, sadly, but friends have sent pics of a UK model that’s amphibious, too….Jealous! The Cambridge post couldn’t be any more fun short of high tea! Your photos made it easy to tag along….Fanks! (As my writer/blogger/mathematician-philosopher-programmer-app designer friend – a Downside Abbey boy and Oxford grad – would say. :-).). Look for a Hanukkah card in your e-mail box presently…I’ll be around more often now that Winter’s upon us…

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