My Best Photos of 2015

I discovered that my photo challenge posts seem to draw the most “likes” of any.  So here are some of the photos I took this year that I think are my best work.

Afloat at LaConner Marina

LaConner, WA, Marina, January 2015

Sunset above the clouds
Sunset above the clouds

Above the clouds, September 2015.

Denver Airport Ceiling
Denver Airport Ceiling

Denver Airport, April 2015

Clouds-Pike's Peak
Clouds-Pike’s Peak

Clouds over Pike’s Peak, April 2015

Rock climber's elation
Rock climber’s elation

Rock climber, Garden of the Gods, April 2015

Building returning to Nature
Building returning to Nature

Building, returning to Nature, Bellevue Slough Park, June 2015

Tahoe Shoreline
Tahoe Shoreline

Lake Tahoe, September 2015


Wren at our backyard suet feeder, December 2015

So, followers, what do you think?  Do you have a favorite?  Is there something I did that is not here, that you think is better?  Comments much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “My Best Photos of 2015

  1. sirpercival01

    i liked the dorm stairs from Oxford. They aren’t quite as worn as the front steps at Engineering Hall at the University of Illinois, despite being a couple of centuries older.

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