Lens-Artists Challenge #92-Second Time Around (or more)

Thanks to Tina Schell for passing along this challenge.  Since the majority of us are “sheltering in place” and not traveling, we pretty much have to post photos of places we’ve already visited.  One of our favorite places is the Diablo Lake Overlook, on the North Cascades Highway, east of Newhalem, Washington.  Hubby and I go there at least once a year, just because it’s a great day trip, and the views are gorgeous every time.  The water is an unusual blue-green, from the glacial runoff.


This is from our trip in July of 2019.


This one is June of 2017.

Another of our favorite places to visit is the Skagit Valley, about 45 minutes north of our house.  Each April, there is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, for the entire month.  The Skagit Valley is the largest source of tulip bulbs outside the Netherlands.  This year, due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, the Tulip Festival was cancelled, which has severely affected both the tulip growers in the valley, and the entire tourist town of LaConner.  And to make the effects even worse, the decision was made to turn off the Tulip Cams, which give views of the brightly-colored fields of flowers.  For people who are effectively shut-ins for weeks, I think that was a very bad decision; just another blow to those who are already down.  So here are some photos of tulip fields, and other Skagit sights.


Blueberries from a couple of weeks ago, when I defied the order to stay home.


Tulips from 2019.  People are allowed to walk into the fields to take pictures.



Tulips from 2015.  North Cascades in the background.

Afloat at LaConner Marina

LaConner Marina.

Here’s the link to John’s Original Photo Challenge.


12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #92-Second Time Around (or more)

  1. Beautiful views of all those tulips. Seems curious they would shut off the cams. I can’t imagine why unless there is some risk to staff who would otherwise need to be on site. Interesting! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Me as well. I started following the photo challenges shortly after I started blogging in June 2013. I am glad that Tina, Amy, Patti, and Ann-Christine picked up the torch.

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