For Who Will Record the Truth…

…in these days of Darkness?  Who will write down, for others to read, exactly what happens?  Who will write the History of events in all the turmoil?  Who will record exactly what is said, and meant, by President Donald Trump?  How will posterity know exactly what kind of President he was, when the recorders are those who despise him, and despise those who elected him?  When the video record of rallies and press conferences is edited to make the President look foolish, or crazy.

Who will record the Truth, when even those who call themselves “conservative” devote an entire magazine issue to hatred of the candidate?  Who will provide the true descriptions of events that shake the world?  We are living through a momentous time, when Government decrees that Society will Stop in its tracks, to prevent the spread of a thing that is so small, so invisible, that the people will only know it by its deliverance of illness and death.  We are living in a difficult moment, when we are subjected to writings by a so-called “press” who devotes itself to denigration of the President, even when he does what is obviously necessary to preserve the Nation.

Who will write the History of these Days of Hurt, Darkness, and Death?  We need to tell the Truth, about the actions of the Elected National Legislators who, instead of working on behalf of the Voters who elected them, work to investigate, and undermine, the duly-elected President.  We need to write, and preserve the Truth about these days.  Witness, and write about what you see.  History depends on You.

3 thoughts on “For Who Will Record the Truth…

    1. Hey, Ricochet buddy! Thanks for dropping by! Hubby and I were watching a Hillsdale College episode if their new American history course when it occurred to me that it is very important to have someone recording events accurately.

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