Proven right again-Hollywood

It has always seemed to me that Hollywood movies these days have been aimed primarily at an audience of 14-year-old boys.  I have noticed a steady stream of new releases that are based on popular comic books, young-adult novels, and other youth-oriented subjects.  This week, an article in the Wall Street Journal has proven me right.

The article is about famous director Martin Scorsese, and his efforts to peddle his new movie about murders of oil-rich Osage Indians in the 1920s.  It has proven very expensive, and the original movie studio is balking at the expense.  This is the money quote that proves me correct on Hollywood. [emphasis mine]

Traditional studios have been increasingly shying away from expensive adult dramas, as in recent years the box office has been dominated by family-friendly titles, superhero movies and sequels. 

Indeed, many Hollywood producers now look to make movies aimed at adult audiences as cheaply as possible, with streaming-distribution deals potentially representing the difference between a profit and a loss.

So, if you are an adult looking for a new Hollywood movie that appeals to you, you might have to look very hard to find one, if you even can.  Our house does not subscribe to Netflix, so we miss everything that appears there.  Personally, I don’t think we are missing much.  I can do without movies, since I read a lot for pleasure.  This week, while I have been out of work on furlough, we watched, again, two of the excellent BBC dramatizations of Dorothy L. Sayers’s Peter Wimsey mysteries (Strong Poison and Have His Carcase).  And last night, we watched, for the umpteenth time, Spirited Away, an excellent anime movie that we both love.

7 thoughts on “Proven right again-Hollywood

  1. Of course the stuff aimed at 14 year old boys is the only stuff that sells– not because folks are childish, but because Hollywood can’t stand to have timeless themes like heroism, sacrifice, even mentioning Christianity without it being an insult or having humor that isn’t to make a political point in anything that isn’t “childish.”

    Go past that, and they gotta put in their gotchas, and people are getting tired of paying to be got.

    For heaven’s sake, they even had to shoe-horn in junk for what should have been a hit-it-out-of-the-ballpark movie with that two-boys-try-to-save-their-dad modern fantasy digital animation, a basic kids’ movie. Instead, they decided to make a bit point of putting in a lesbian cop.
    Well, fine. If it’s so important to them that such a thing be put in for no **** reason, they don’t need our money for the movie.
    Which is too bad, everybody in the house likes the voices for the main characters.

    Best guess is that it will happen more and more– same thing happened with YA novels.
    The folks who want to force folks to believe as they do went in, and took over what Everybody Buys. Put in the stuff they wanted everybody to like.
    People started buying other stuff, because they didn’t like it.
    Proceed with each new mega uber seller subcategory then being flooded with stuff people stopped buying the other stuff for….

  2. Is television much better? Even the evening news seems to be written for junior high students. People should get out more or go back to reading is fundamental.

  3. Hang in there rushbabe49. I will be needing a free place to crash in the great Northwest on the other side of this Flu Manchu. (May I call you Babe?)

    P.S. If Babe is unacceptable, how about shortening it to just Babes?
    P.P.S. Am joking about all the above except for the part about you hanging in there.

    1. Tee hee! Hubby calls me Babe already! Owing to said Hubby being a hoarder, our place doesn’t have much in the way of extra room.
      But I will be hanging in there and returning to work tomorrow.

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