Impunity. Protesters block Freeways.

The title of the article this morning is “It’s illegal to block Puget Sound roadways, but many protesters rarely face charges”.

In Seattle, as in many other places, so-called “protesters” often use this tactic to get their point across. They know that there is very little chance that any of them will bear any consequences of their blatantly illegal behavior. Even when the “protesters” violently attack motorists’ cars, breaking windshields and assaulting the drivers, they seldom face any charges. Many arrests take place, but the law-breakers are normally released instantly and never are jailed or tried for any crime.

As a result of BLM protesters blocking the freeway in Seattle:

The State Patrol announced hours later that demonstrators wouldn’t be allowed on the freeway, adding that arrests would follow any pedestrians found walking or protesting on the interstate.

But subsequent incidents didn’t bring arrests.

  • On Sept. 16, Black Lives Matter protesters trapping hundreds of motorists inside the westbound I-90 tunnel into Seattle for nearly 40 minutes. Troopers told KOMO News that they tried to respond, but were unable to access the scene because of gridlock. No arrests were made.
  • On Oct. 8, BLM protesters again blocked lanes of I-5 in Tacoma for more than 20 minutes, leading to massive traffic gridlock. The State Patrol troopers who responded to the scene told protesters that they wouldn’t be arrested if they left the freeway, which they did.

It is an axiom of psychology that bad behavior with no consequences breeds more bad behavior. My prediction is that, with “Dementia Man” in the White House, incidents of bad behavior will increase. And you, the innocent motorist, will have no way to defend yourself.

P.S. For any “grammar cops” out there, the title of the article above demonstrates a total lack of English language training. It’s terrible!

6 thoughts on “Impunity. Protesters block Freeways.

  1. accordion2ray

    Protesters don’t necessarily face charges, but sometimes they face death. Such as the two who died after being hit on I-5 at night, and by the same vehicle which avoided police barricades.

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