I Value My Liberty

It’s a pity that the vast majority of the residents of my state of Washington do not.  They voted overwhelmingly to continue to be the slaves of the State, both the National and the local.  They voted their State Dictator into an unprecedented third term.  They even enthusiastically purchase their own chains of slavery (masks), so they may show all their friends, neighbors, family, and strangers that they Obey the Dictator.

They voted in overwhelming numbers to have a National “leader” who is suffering from obvious dementia, and has been shown to be the capo of an extended crime family that trades in influence with the government of Communist China.  And they voted in the same overwhelming numbers for the deputy to that Dementia Man, who slept her way to the top of her state, and supports denying the citizenry the right to drive their choice of vehicle, heat and cool their homes with their choice of fuel, speak their mind, and choose their own doctors.

Not I, said the Free Person.  I value my Liberty, and will continue to resist wearing the chains of slavery; speak my mind on this blog; drive MY choice of vehicle; and go about the business of living my life, until we can leave the State of Slavery for a State of Liberty.

8 thoughts on “I Value My Liberty

  1. Seattle regularly gets levels of participation that approach participation levels where you’re fined for not voting– but people stay on the list for 5 years after they move. My husband got ballots for years after we left the state.

    I wouldn’t trust those numbers any more than I trust the 4AM vote dumps.

      1. We both informed them that we’d moved; I was still in Washington state, and we both wanted to make very sure we didn’t become reliable Dem voters.

        Mine got switched, after the county clerk got cranky with them.

        But move out of state? No chance.

      2. Family?

        It is a pretty good match for dry-side Washington, at least.

        Iowa is kind of startling in the “wait, I thought that was just storybook writing” kind of way. 😀

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