Coronavirus Lies: Johns Hopkins Deletes study finding about real death figures

A study by the renowned Johns Hopkins University that found that the Wuhan Coronavirus has not had the drastic effect on deaths in the US was deleted from the site where it was published.  Not because there were issues with the actual data.  Not because there were errors in publishing.  Not because the conclusions were incorrect.  But because the study conclusions did not fit the Narrative that governments everywhere have been promulgating for over eight months.

This Article over at PJMedia lays it all out for you.  Please read this, and see what has really been happening.  You may not be very happy about having been misled, locked down, lost your job, and forced to wear a face covering everywhere.  If reading this article does not make you despise the governments who have held you and your job hostage for eight months, then you must not care about your Liberty.

One thought on “Coronavirus Lies: Johns Hopkins Deletes study finding about real death figures

  1. I hate to admit it but my peerless strategic advisors (AKA: The Simonettes) had pretty much figured out by late Feb that ChiComs released the Flu Manchu on the US to topple the Trump administration. Change my mind.

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