Secondary Boycotts, anyone?

Below is a list of companies and organizations which are attempting to Destroy President Donald Trump and his supporters.  If we do not wish to live in a Leftist Communist country, we must fight back against the Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Corporate interests which are doing their level best to deny the Founding and Greatness of America.  In the past week, many of these companies have de-platformed Conservative Web sites and individuals, in this coordinated attempt to stifle Free Speech in America.  One Big Media organization has actually called for the removal from the air of one of its competitors!  When, ever in history has that happened?  It will continue, until half the country has been denied its existence.  My friends and I have already started deleting our accounts from a great many of the organizations below.  Please, get rid of them, and sell your stock in any of these companies that are public.  If you don’t think it works, just look at today’s stock market results.  Twitter stock lost 12% in the market today.  We can win, and take our country back from the Left.  Start Today!

Facebook: cancelled the accounts of President Trump and his supporters

Twitter: cancelled the accounts of President Trump and his supporters

Google: censors all conservative media and people in its search results; owns YouTube which has kicked off its platform Conservatives like Dennis Prager.  Do not use Google Chrome as your Web browser, do not buy a Chromebook laptop, nor a Google Pixel phone.  Do not use Gmail, which has already been proven to snoop on your mail, and track you everywhere you go. de-platformed Parler, a new social media site that supports free speech rights for all.  You can always find alternate places to buy stuff, other than Amazon-I know I do not use Amazon at all, and I can always find someplace to spend my money!

Forbes Magazine: Editor today urging all companies not to hire any former Trump administration workers or cabinet members

Big Media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News (yes, even they have gone over to the Dark Side), Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, National Review: they all subscribe to the mistaken notion that President Trump incited violence amongst his supporters in DC on January 6.  Cancel any subscriptions you have, both print and online.  Pull any advertising you may do in those publications.

Now, I wouldn’t ask you to abandon all the above without providing some alternatives.  Over on Ricochet, my friends have suggested many alternatives to Big Tech and Big Media.  You do NOT need to use Amazon to buy what you need, either.  So here’s my list of alternatives.  Feel free to add more in the comments if you know of any:

For your tech needs, try DuckDuckGo for internet search-I use it, and it works just fine.  They also have an app available, which I already have.

When they have found a new platform, Parler will be back for social media.  My buddies also recommend MeWe as a substitute for Facebook.  I know, everyone uses FB for keeping up with family and friends, but now it’s time to find out who your friends really are.  Let them know why you are closing your Facebook account, and urge them to follow you over to the new place.  Try Rumble for video podcasts-I know that Dan Bongino is already there, and there are others.  Get a Protonmail account when you close your Gmail-it is very secure and does not track you.

If you want to join a site where the majority of members are conservative, literate, and funny, you do need to join  It is a paid site, and worth every penny for the camaraderie.  I also understand, but have not checked out, was also started by a “Facebook reject”.

My friends have recommended the Brave Web browser, but I understand it uses the same source code as Android, which is a Google product.

For your News and commentary, try The Epoch Times, Zero Hedge, Instapundit, American Thinker, American Greatness, the Washington Free Beacon, the Daily Wire, and the Federalist.  Also, the Catholic site called Church Militant has had excellent coverage of the 2020 election debacle.  If you join a site like Ricochet, the other Members will steer you to all sorts of new sources, too.

For your daily humor fix, try The People’s Cube (especially relevant today), or the Babylon Bee.

So, Friends and Followers, let’s get started taking back Free Speech, and our country, before it is too late.

6 thoughts on “Secondary Boycotts, anyone?

  1. Ricochet: Banned me for life – twice. Banned Hypatia. Suspended Judy Campbell indefinitely.

    First they came for that Simon guy, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Templar.

    Then they came for Hypatia, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not she.

    Then they came for the Judy, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not Juden.

    By the time they come for you—who will be left to speak?

    Finally, our 1st Amendment was a beautiful thing while it lasted.

  2. Anonymous

    After years of “lurking” I was about to join Richochet, but the recent hysteria over the January 6 riot made me pause. The insanity of the Editor did it for me; I won’t be joining and frankly don’t see much benefit. However, all of the suggestions for alternate servers and browsers is helpful.

    1. Well, my member-feed post entitled “I’m Staying” garnered 50 “likes”. There are more of us members who are easy-going, not hysterical, and fun, than there are the opposite. Not joining is a decision that can be changed at any time, so please keep an open mind.

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