Calling out the Wall Street Journal

I have been a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, both print and online editions since 1991.  In the past week, I have come to doubt their editorial and news policies.  We have been reminded that the News and Editorial parts of the Journal are entirely separate, and mostly that has been true.  Since the election of 2020, that no longer seems to be the case.  The people writing what passes for news in the Journal now resemble that of the members of Big Media, who we all know are Leftists whose news has been over 50% editorial for decades, and worse during the Trump administration.  And even their long-time columnists are now letting the mask drop.  Let’s look at some examples.

First of all, from shortly after the election, the news writers in the Journal have been calling Dementia Biden the “president-elect”, when he did not attain that title until last week.  Every time I saw that in the Journal, it grated on me.  Especially when there were so many legitimate challenges to the election results (which the Journal poo-poohed).

Yesterday, on Page A3 in an article about the demonstration in the Capitol on January 6, the headline reads “Lawmakers risked exposure in siege”.  Exposure, of course, to the Wuhan Coronavirus.  The word Siege is not a description of what happened, but an editorial comment.  On the front page, there is a lefthand side column called “What’s news”, giving brief summaries of inside stories.  Here is one from yesterday:

White House officials pushed Atlanta’s top federal prosecutor to resign before the Georgia runoffs because Trump was upset he was not doing enough to probe unproven claims of election fraud. [more editorializing]

How about some from today, January 12:

Facebook said it is removing all content mentioning “stop the steal”, a phrase popular among supporters of Trump’s unproven claims of election fraud.   [editorializing]

In a story headlined “Parler felled by riot’s tech backlash”, which itself is editorializing:

Parler launched in 2018 as a freewheeling social-media site for users fed up with the rules on Facebook and Twitter. [this is a bald-faced lie. conservatives were fed up with the leftist censorship of viewpoints, and death threats that they found on Facebook and Twitter, not fed up with the so-called rules there, which do not ever apply to leftists]

On Monday, it went dark, felled by blowback over its more permissive approach.  [another bald-faced lie, Parler’s vendors including its web host, email provider, payment processor and others kicked it off for its members’ support of President Trump, and disagreement with the sources of the disturbance at the Capitol]

The Wall Street Journal is starting to show its true colors, as a member of Big Media which, aligned with Big Tech and Big Government, despises the “deplorables” who make this country work, and who saw President Trump as our Champion in the fight against our Rulers in Washington DC, Academia, Hollywood, Big Tech, and Big Media.

I have a decision to make now.  Do I cancel my subscription, or keep it and find its editors and news writers looking down their noses at me?

One thought on “Calling out the Wall Street Journal

  1. kayofmt

    How about replying to the news editor and reporters, especially when they tell a lie and reporting false news. You’ll be kicked off fast enough.

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