Headlines from the Peoples State of Washington: the good, the bad, and the ridiculous

I live now in a One-Party State, with all parts of the government controlled, by large margins, by the Democrat Party (elected by the population of the Seattle area, much to the dismay of Eastern Washington with its lower population).  The State has been in a Wuhan Coronavirus Mask Mandate situation since July of 2020.  Every state resident is required to wear a dehumanizing face covering whenever they are indoors with strangers, especially in retail stores, offices, and factories.  Businesses are held liable for their customers’ and workers’ behavior when inside, and can face fines, loss of license, or closure if they are found to be admitting massless customers or employees.

There are now multiple vaccines available for the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus, but the State is not doing very well in getting that vaccine out to its vulnerable residents, including long-term-care facility residents, seniors over age 65, and first-responders.  Here are some indications of what has been happening in our state.  Stories courtesy of KOMO News and MyNorthwest.com.

Over 10,000 people vaccinated for Covid at State sites in the past week.


Three mass-vaccination sites in Snohomish County closed for lack of doses.  I happen to live in Snohomish County, and I am way over 65, so eligible for vaccination now.

And then, there’s this:

Covid-19 Updates: Getting Covid-vaccinated does not mean you are invincible.  Get the people all fired up to get vaccinated so they can resume normal life, then say “Not so fast…”.  We have been jerked around since last March by the state government which has been literally ruling by decree.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the people in our state are perfectly fine with being ruled from Olympia.  However, some of our businesses are not too happy with what the state has done to them.

Study: Washington State Second most restrictive for closing bars and restaurants.  Our hospitality industry has been decimated, with hundreds of restaurants closing permanently, and thousands of workers rendered unemployed.  Only the little people suffer.

Criticism of Washington’s Phase 2 move includes inconsistent metrics.  This is a great story-read this one to see how the ruling by decree, and moving the goalposts constantly, has affected our hospitality industry.  This is criminal.  And the state bureaucrats and Health Nazis never worry about losing their jobs.

The Bad:

7 taken into custody as Olympia hotel cleared of homeless advocates demanding pandemic housing.

The Homeless-Industrial Complex is very powerful in the Pacific Northwest.  The article above shows a group of so-called “homeless advocates”, armed with hatchets and batons, literally invading a local hotel, demanding housing for the homeless.  And, in Seattle’s Mayoral contest:

Seattle Mayoral Candidate seeks spaces for homeless.  The taxpayers of Seattle can go to hell, but the homeless need living space, at those taxpayers’ expense.  Seattle parks have been turned into filthy campsites, where drug-dealing and guns are rampant.

Even the college town of Bellingham has been invaded by the homeless, and their “advocates” of the organization “Housing Now”.

And from Olympia, the State Capitol:

Proposed new K-9 Law alarms law enforcement.  The state wants to restrict the use of K-9 Officers (AKA dogs), which would not help enforce the law, but would enable criminals to get away.  Yes, here in the Peoples State of Washington, criminals get more consideration than law-abiding taxpayers.


In Seattle:

Seattle schools teaching radical BLM and anti-police curriculum in Kindergarten to fifth grades!  This is criminal, to teach little kids to be ashamed of the color of their skin, and their parents, and to hate policemen who are there to protect them from bad people.

And the ridiculous:

Local organization pushes bill that would mandate electric cars by 2030.  This stupid bill is even more onerous than the ones being pushed in California and DC (which don’t mandate electric until 2035).  The State will now tell you what kind of automobile you MUST drive.  The only problem being that the people do not want electric cars!  If everyone wanted an electric car, they could by one today, but, funny thing, most people still prefer their gasoline-powered cars.  And the state is telling auto makers that they must build electric cars that the public does not want.  Good luck with that.

Sigh… Welcome to Washington State, where the people of Seattle with all their aging-hippie residents and ideas, make policy for the entire state.

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