The Bidenist Purges-update 2/9

In the mid-1930s in Russia, Dictator Josef Stalin made regular purges of all areas of his country, starting within his own government and military.  Known as the “Great Purge”, he weeded out of society those deemed “wreckers”.  Starting with the so-called “kulaks”, or wealthy peasants, his purges of Russian society claimed the lives and livelihoods of people ranging from Army generals to government functionaries at all levels.  In most dictatorships and other authoritarian societies, everyone in government and society must watch his back, since he may fall out of favor with one wrong word.  An alternate name for the Great Purge was the Great Terror.

In the new United States of America, newly-elected president Joe Biden has embarked on his variation of the Stalinist Great Purge.  At all levels of government, officials from the previous administration have been fired or removed from their posts.  The new regime is only two weeks old, and every day the list grows longer.  Here is a quote from a NY Times article on January 27:

At the same time, a far less visible transition was taking local: the quiet dismissal of holdovers from the Trump administration, who have been asked to clean out their offices immediately, whatever the legal consequences.

Here is a short list of those who have been summarily sacked in the new Bidenist Purges:

NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb

Dozens of Pentagon employees who were out on maternity and paternity leave were told not to return.

The Pentagon purged many employees from dozens of different military advisory boards.

Michael Pack, head of the US Agency for Global Media; Ted Lipien, head of Radio Free Europe. Victoria Coates, head of the Middle East Broadcasting Network.

Kathleen Kraninger, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The entire 10-person Federal Services Impasses Panel, which deals with labor disputes in government agencies.  Eight resigned, and two were summarily fired.

And just now, the US Military was ordered by the new Secretary of Defense to “Stand Down” for 60 days, in order for the ranks to be purged of “extremists”.  What this means is, anyone in the military may be subject to discharge if found to be “racist or extremist”.  Of course, neither term has been defined, everyone is now suspect until proven otherwise.

This course of action by the new regime obviously puts paid to any kind of “unity” supposedly sought by the president and his henchmen.  In the coming days, we expect to see lists of new victims, and I will be updating the list above.

Not content to just purge the government of former Trump administration officials, the Leftist Press has advocated from eliminating them from all of society.  Here are a bunch of links to articles about this.

Republican extremists could doom party

to endless defeats

— CNN, Jan. 26

Rachel Maddow: GOP has become party of a

‘fringe, violent, extremist criminal movement’

— The Hill, Jan. 27

“This Is War”: Inside the Secret Chat

Where Far-Right Extremists Devised

Their Post-Capitol Plans

— Pro Publica, Jan. 28

Extremists Emboldened by Capitol Attack

Pose Growing Threat, Homeland Security Says

— New York Times, Jan. 29

Republican Ties to Extremist Groups

Are Under Scrutiny

— New York Times, Jan. 29

Domestic violent extremists will be harder

to combat than homegrown jihadists

— The Hill, Jan. 31

‘It’s endemic’: state-level Republican groups

lead party’s drift to extremism

— The Guardian, Jan. 31

It will be interesting to see if these purges are able to totally rid US society of any conservative influence.  Full-on Communism, here we come.  And with it, the demise of the United States of America as founded.

Elections have consequences.

Update Feb. 9:   Remember when President Trump wanted to fire a US Attorney?  And the Left erupted, screaming about how the president was letting go “good people” with no reason.  The B**** administration is letting go ALL the Trump-era US Attorneys.  This has always been customary when a new president takes office; except, of course, for that Dictator Donald Trump.

Stay tuned for further updates to the Bidenist Purges.

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