Priceless, but expected: minority groups fighting each other for goodies

One of the characteristics of a party like today’s DemocRats is, it is made up of a loose agglomeration of interest groups (in this case, victim groups), who ostensibly favor the same welfare-state policies.  Much of the time, however, they compete against each other in the scrum for favors. Today, there is an excellent story on the Daily Wire site (behind a paywall), about the many victim groups fighting each other for parts in Hollywood movies.  I have to say, I laughed out loud at some of the statements made by the various victim group advocates.  Instead of fighting the real enemy (that would be us, conservatives and Republicans), they fight each other, elbowing others aside so they can get the movie roles to which they think they are entitled.  Here are some choice quotes from the article.  Italicized phrases mine.

Amid Hollywood’s push for more diversity and inclusion, disability advocates are worried that the industry will leave them on the backburner as they focus on representing other minorities.

In an open letter released on Wednesday, over 80 industry members called upon business leaders to focus more on disability inclusion. Spearheaded by Keely Cat-Wells, founder and CEO of C Talent, an agency representing disabled artists and athletes, the letter was signed by the likes of Amy Poehler, Naomie Harris, and Heather Matarazzo.


“Due to years of misrepresentation in the media, social barriers, and chronic ableism, the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Neurodiverse and Disabled communities continue to be underrepresented and disrespected in the entertainment industry,” the letter says. “This fight is not a new one. Pledges have been made but no systemic action has been taken to change inequitable systems and procedures. We can’t expect a band-aid to heal an open wound.”

Can you imagine a paragraph with more buzzwords in a row? It’s hilarious. And who invented the word “ableism”? Finally, a disability group objects.

Last December, members of the deaf community were upset over the fact that the CBS adaptation of “The Stand” did not cast an actual deaf person to play a particular role.

“The selection of the hearing actor to portray Nick Andros in The Stand is not acceptable. The character, Nick Andros[,] is Deaf and signs. Not one Deaf professional actor was called in to audition for the role,” the open letter stated. “The decision was made without respect to and for Deaf professionals, union, and non-union alike. There was no acknowledgement given to the psyche of a Deaf character; being Deaf is more than just not hearing.”

Yeah, being deaf is more than not hearing, it’s being a Victim! Personally, I am rooting for this kind of leftist infighting to bring down the DemocRat party in the end.  With Sanders supporters fighting Manchin supporters in Washington, and the states fighting each other for bigger pieces of federal largesse, I sincerely hope that the party will collapse into a pig-pile of victims tearing each other limb from limb.  Sort of like this.


It couldn’t happen to a more evil bunch.

3 thoughts on “Priceless, but expected: minority groups fighting each other for goodies

  1. I am reminded of Margaret Thatcher’s famous quote: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

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