I’ll bet you didn’t know we were so powerful.

In the State of Washington, our Dictator, Jay Inslee (AKA Dimslee) is concerned that Covid “cases” are rising so quickly that he might be “forced” to move three counties from his arbitrary “Phase 3” back to his arbitrary “Phase 2” restrictions next week. Now, as I recall, a Virus is so small that, not only can it not be seen with the naked eye, it requires a very powerful microscope to see, microscopes that are normally found only in high-tech university and government labs.  Our Dictator is blaming US for its spread (ignoring the thousands of infected illegal aliens pouring across our southern border).  Get this quote from Dimslee:

“This is ultimately in our control — this virus can’t walk two inches without our help,” he said. “If in the next several weeks these counties put their minds to it, we can get back in the saddle and drive these numbers down.”

Viruses Walk?!!  Since when do viruses walk, and since when do we have ANY control of a little thing we cannot see?  We citizens slaves of Washington State are being blamed for the rising infections!  The Left likes to deplore the “blame the victim” mentality, when it is just that, that they themselves are doing.  WE have been under the total control of our Health Nazis for over a year now; thousands of us have lost our jobs, been forced to remain in our homes, had our small businesses ruined, and our savings depleted.  And Dimslee is implying that we have control over this new Chinese virus.  Dimslee is basically telling us that, because we all didn’t stay in our homes, cowering under our beds, that WE are the cause of the spread of the virus.  We have been under a Mask Mandate since July of 2020, and that has is no way stopped or slowed the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  Many of us have not been to a restaurant, to church, on vacation, to our gym, or to school for over a year!  Our Dictator is a Fool.

And we are sick and tired of the Health Tyranny ruling our lives and our State.

One thought on “I’ll bet you didn’t know we were so powerful.

  1. Even Biden’s weaponized slave traffickers filling the border states with Covid infected and Covid exposed aliens, that he then loudly blames the local governors for not immunizing ahead of their own citizens, have been unable to reignite the Covid crisis. Regrets on your corrupt and foolish leadership there in Washington.

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