Flying Home

Our Tennessee trip ended on a pleasant note.  We made it to the airport in plenty of time, turned in the rental car, checked our bags, and sauntered over to our gate to wait.  It turned out that their PA system was out, so the poor gate agents had to shout instructions.  Through their masks, of course.  At least at the gate, there was 100% mask compliance (oh, how I hate that phrase!).  I ditched mine wherever I could.  Things were a bit late getting started, but we eventually made it onto our plane, and took off.

The first thing I noticed, that made me grin, was the little cocktail napkins on this flight did not have the “mask up” graphics, but ads for Alaska Airlines service to Mexico!  And the flight attendants did not seem to be enforcing the strict “masks at all times” regulation, so hubby and I were able to spend some valuable time on the flight without the “face diapers”.

As on the flight out, I had the window seat, and was again able to get some nice photos, starting with some green hills in Tennessee.


Forested, green hills as far as the eye could see.  I wondered about the next one, since the terrain didn’t resemble anything I had ever seen before.  The information on the photo said “Cadiz, Kentucky”, but nothing about what the bodies of water were.  It looked like two parallel rivers, each with little bays off them.  Maybe reservoirs behind a dam.  Picturesque, anyway.


A bit farther west, more farmland, and a really squiggly river.  I have no idea which river it is.


From here on, there were too many clouds to see the ground.  I would look out the window, and see only white.  Until we were almost home, when our famous Mount Rainier hove into view.  Nature had a real prize in store this day.


And then, this.  I think this is the best picture I have ever taken of Mount Rainier.


A bit farther on, the clouds looked like fluffy cotton.  The late-afternoon sun added nice highlights.


Finally, a glimpse of South Puget Sound at sunset.


And we were home.  The trip was rewarding, relaxing, and full of new sights.  We hope to return to Tennessee soon.

8 thoughts on “Flying Home

  1. elizabeth dunn

    Nashville is one of the greatest cities in the country; I attended 4 yrs of university there and was consistently surprised by its natural beauty as well as its interesting night life. If I chose to leave Florida, Nashville would be my first pick!

  2. My grandfather told me many farmers who owned the land flooded by those two lakes were not at all happy with how the Feds pushed them off of their land.

    Reminded him of how the English moved us out of Scotland but the Americans were not as brutal, especially with the women and children.

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