Picnic…At Picnic! (Updated)

That would be, Picnic Point County Park, in Edmonds, Washington.  It was such a gorgeous day, I asked Hubby if we could pack a picnic lunch and find a beach.  Well, he found one, and I am almost ashamed to say that I can’t remember ever having gone there before, and I have lived in Snohomish County for 25 years!  It’s right on Puget Sound, and there is a little creek that meanders across the beach before emptying into the Sound.  In spite of all the cars in the little parking lot, the beach was uncrowded, and we found a nice picnic table for our lunch.


While we were eating our lunch, I happened to look down at the grass under our table, and I saw a rock that someone had brought up from the beach.  It looked interesting, so I picked it up.  At one time, this rock must have been underwater, because you could see where the barnacles had been attached to it.  I wondered about its history, while appreciating its beauty.


Also near our table was an old, dead tree still standing.  I could see how the salt water had eroded the ground underneath the tree, exposing its roots.  I expect that the water had killed the tree, but it was still intriguing to look at.  Looking down the beach, I noticed that my tree was not the only one with exposed roots-this is how driftwood is made!


Not too far away from us, a dad and daughter were flying a kite together.  The wind made it easy.


Farther down from them, someone had built a little fort from driftwood.


One of the features of Picnic Point Beach is the remains of an old pier.  I don’t know how long ago the pier rotted away, but the vertical support logs still give evidence that in the past, boats tied up on this stretch of beach.


I walked over to the little creek, making its way to the Sound.  Some little engineers had tried to dam the creek, with big stones from the beach!  That little creek really didn’t want to be dammed.


I took a couple of short videos of that creek at different points, because I love the sight and sound of running water right at ground level.  The little kids were having lots of fun playing in the water.  Below are links to my Rumble videos.



I hope you like them.

Way offshore, I noticed a large boat which kept coming into and out of focus.  Normally, ships on Puget Sound steam in one direction, but this one seemed to be going back and forth.  Once I identified it as a Washington State Ferry, I remembered that the system is two boats down, for various repairs (one needed steering fixed, and one had engine trouble), and this was one of them, undergoing “sea trials” to make sure everything was fixed.


Finally, it was time to go home, and I took one last photo of the beach and the Sound.  What a nice day it was!


Except, it really wasn’t final!  While I was walking on the beach, Hubby was reading a book at our table.  Once I came back, he went on his walk, and I stayed at the table with our stuff.  On his walk, he saw a bald eagle flying around (I saw him fishing just offshore), but the real fun happened when the eagle decided he was thirsty.  Hubby turned around, and saw the eagle about 75 feet away, having a drink from the freshwater creek.  He stood there for a long time, and Hubby was able to get this picture, of the eagle and his crow buddy.


2 thoughts on “Picnic…At Picnic! (Updated)

  1. accordion2ray

    You arrived near low tide. The incoming tide would raise the water level by more than 10 feet within 6 hours. That made for interesting beach exploring, such as a bald eagle hanging out with crows and sipping water from a freshwater stream. And four trains went by.

  2. What a wonderful day. I loved the photo of the little girl and her father flying a kite. One of my fondest childhood memories, as Dad loved flying kites, and we used to chase up and down the beaches of Prince Edward Island with them. He taught me how to run little plastic soldiers with newspaper “parachutes” up the string and watch them float down. I wish I could remember how to do it!

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