Your SOTU Founders Comment for the day

Tonight’s State of the Union speech was held inside a Capitol surrounded by a fence.  Why the fence, you ask?  That fence was erected because the shrinking violets in the US Congress and Senate live in fear of their own constituents.  Here’s what one of America’s Founding Fathers had to say about that.

Jefferson_Govt Fears People=Liberty

How many of you fear your government these days?  That’s the government which sees half the population as “domestic terrorists”.  Those Founding Fathers conditioned government in the United States upon the “Consent of the Governed”.  Well, we don’t consent to being ruled, so those Congress-critters and Senators perhaps should live in fear of their constituents throwing them out of office.

One thought on “Your SOTU Founders Comment for the day

  1. accordion2ray

    If putting up a fence says anything, it says the government fears the people. If you go by Jefferson, that means there is liberty.

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