The biggest reason to reject both electric cars, and a “cashless” society

Think about it. What obvious characteristic do both electric cars and a “cashless” society (payments only allowed in digital format) possess?

Here’s another question. Who provides the electricity you use to power your home appliances, heating and air-conditioning, and all your electronics? Think about that, and it will lead you to the answer to my headline question-the reason to reject electric cars and digital payments.

The most important thing that electric cars and digital currency have in common, is that they are provided by Government. In the kind of society preferred and promoted by the worldwide Left, the fuel for your transportation, and the money you earn, save, and spend, would be provided, and controlled, by Government. So, in their perfect society, what might happen if you anger your government in some way?

Well, in such a world, with your livelihood controlled by Government, your entire life would be thereby controlled. Government could cut off your earnings, since they would control your bank accounts. And in a cashless society, no work would be paid “under the table”, since paper currency would be gone. If you got on the wrong side of Government, they could drain your bank accounts in an instant. Government would control how you spend your money, too. No jetting off to Vegas whenever you want if Big Brother does not approve.

Since Government controls the electric power grid, they could cut off the power to your home also in an instant. Say you post something on a blog, or on social media, that your local government does not agree with. Suddenly, you have no electric power to run that pesky computer on which you connect to the internet and do your posts.

Communist China is already a long way toward such a society, with their ubiquitous “social credit” system. People who get on the wrong side of government have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and been forbidden to take any kind of public transportation.

So beware of anyone urging you to solely depend on an electric car for transportation, or on that debit card to pay all your debts. Hang onto that gasoline-powered car or truck, and keep hold of that checkbook.

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