Rats! I WANTED them to shut down the government!


shutgovtDuring the tense negotiations in DC a while ago, where the D’s and R’s “negotiated” (scare quotes intended) a spending bill to keep the sainted government running for yet another fiscal year, I was rooting for the R’s to simply say NO.  I want them to shut down the government, since much of it is totally wasteful anyway.  I wanted them to propose and pass in the R-controlled House a couple of bills to fund the very most important parts of government, and wait for OTL to veto it.  Ds shut down the government!  OTL, the D president, vetoes funds for continuing the really important parts of government, because the petulant baby who is beholden to Wall Street and Environmentalists didn’t get his lollipop slush funds.  So the same crap that’s been going on for the last six years, with really important additions like amnesty for millions of illegal intruders into our country, get funded again.

It major pisses me off that the establishment that runs the R party thinks that WE, their BASE, are the enemy, instead of the real enemy, the Ds.  They expend untold quantities of energy and consultant fees thinking up ways to defeat US, instead of responding in kind to those who wish our country ill and continually diss our allies while cozying up to our sworn enemies (Fidel, we really love ya!).  Hey, Boehner and Graham, you need to cater to your base, and bring the fight to the traitors on the other side of the aisle.  No more limp-wristed letters to the IRS head, politely asking for emails.  Issue subpoenas!  Make them testify under oath, and get charged with contempt of Congress.  We are sick and tired of getting squished by our own party!  De-fund Immigration, Planned Parenthood, Education, and EPA.  Speak up for the people who really make this country work!

5 thoughts on “Rats! I WANTED them to shut down the government!

  1. As I understand it, the “funding illegal amnesty” part is where they decided not to kill my schools just because we’ve got the idiot in Seattle drawing tons of illegals into the area.

    The Dems shut down the gov’t last time, and even the Republicans keep talking about how it was the Republicans that did it.

  2. Rush likes to talk about the fact that nobody except the regime’s enemies (veterans of WWII, national park tourists, etc.) was affected by the ‘shutdown” last time, so common people have nothing to fear. Maybe some “takers” might have to suffer from the lack of government largesse.

    Hey, how do you like my snow?

    1. The snow is pretty. Wish there was some covering the moldering leaves in my yard!

      As someone who would’ve missed paying the rent and a car payment last time if she wasn’t a total paranoid, Rush isn’t being totally accurate…. I hear a lot about how the folks who were told not to come in to work were able to go on unemployment, but that wasn’t the case for our DoD house. (Husband was told he’d have to be laid off for something like a month before he could apply.)
      I know the Forest Service employees by my folks’ got that “on unemployment immediately” deal, so the actual result was that it handed the Dems the power to pick who they were going to give a huge end-of-year bonus in the form of backpay after they’d collected unemployment for a few weeks while letting them claim any pain was the Republican’s fault.

    1. Exactly why we need to be careful about giving them weapons they can use to hurt the military and blame it on the Republicans.

      Not so much because we’ll believe that it’s the Republicans doing it, as because they decided that US taking a risk is fine, but notice there’s no question about not paying THEM.

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