Update to Coining a new Phrase- “Going Hillsdale” AND “Going AEI”

Central Hall, Hillsdale College


You are probably aware that I am a big supporter of Hillsdale College in Michigan.  And that one of their main claims to fame is that they do not accept one red cent of government money; that enables them to teach the liberal arts exactly the way those arts should be taught.  Hillsdale’s refusal to accept any funds from ANY level of government means that they must do extra fund-raising so that their students can have financial aid for their education.  And I just now made the connection to my own decision to accept no Social Security or Medicare money from the government that increasingly attempts to control every aspect of citizens’ lives.  This also applies to how I purchase prescription drugs, outside of the pharmacy benefit that comes with my insurance.  I purchase ALL of my medicine with my own money, so my doctors and I, not some insurance bean-counter, determine what I take and how many I buy.

Update: I also just realized that the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC, a conservative think-tank that promotes and studies free people and free markets, also accepts no government money.  So that title changes yet again!

So, this leads me to change the title of my post from January of 2013.  It should now read, “Going Hillsdale and AEI”, No Social Security or Medicare for Me”.

Dear readers, give this some thought.  How much of your life does the government control, due to money (earned by other taxpayers) redistributed to you?

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