Interesting…Very Interesting…World Health Organization comes out Against Lockdowns to “fight Coronavirus”

I was alerted to this new (?) stance by the All-Powerful World Health Organization, warning countries NOT to lock down their economies to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus.  Funny, when I checked, the WHO first indicated that lockdowns are a bad idea, way back in May!  Yes, that’s in MAY!!

Funny, in April, the WHO was urging countries not to “lift lockdowns too soon”!!!  So, in April they are all for lockdowns, and extending those lockdowns.  In May, they urge countries not to look at lockdowns as the “magic bullet” to stop the virus.

Today, a high WHO official finally recognizes that lockdowns are more devastating than the virus itself, and should not be used.  The link above is from the US newspaper of record, USA Today.  Other publications also are carrying this very important story.

The Epoch Times

The Australian

The Washington Examiner

So, when will Government Dictators notice this and disavow the use of lockdowns and business closures to fight the virus? When will Dictators like Governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Jay Inslee of Washington, and Gavin Newsom of California start listening to the Authorities that They have been using to set their own policy? When will Facebook and Twitter stop censoring their users who have been fighting lockdowns for months? When? When? When?

2 thoughts on “Interesting…Very Interesting…World Health Organization comes out Against Lockdowns to “fight Coronavirus”

  1. Percival

    The “followers of science” would seem to have no choice other than accept the pronouncements of some unelected bureaucratic cog.

  2. nCOVID-19 (for those of you who only read Ratburger and Ricochet is biological warfare in violation of the Geneva Conventions) is hurting the Communist Party of China financially, and they (ChiComs) want that specific part of the Flu Manchu caused pain to stop. Chairman Xi has directed his lapdogs at WHO to encourage the wealth-creating nations of the world to get back to work for the good of all Chinamen.

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